Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where Can I Watch 'Downton Abbey'?

Are you new to 'Downton Abbey' fever and need to catch up on episodes before season four starts up? Here's a list of where 'Downton Abbey' is available online:

Netflix has season one on Streaming. Downton Abbey is no longer available on Netflix or Hulu due to an exclusive deal between Downton Abbey and Amazon.

Amazon Instant Video is the only place you can watch Downton Abbey on instant streaming. Amazon has season onetwo, and three. **If you're a Prime member all 3 seasons are FREE on Amazon Instant. Click here for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. 

Redbox has season one. Check your local redbox here

iTunes has season one, two and three.

Check out our A Brief History of Downton Abbey.

The ITV Downton Abbey page has some episodes available for a fee.

PBS Masterpiece will make episodes temporarily available for online streaming beginning the day after each episode airs.

Season One and Two Video Recap:


  1. The general consenus is that contrary to the 'behind the scenes interviews" we hope Matthew's accident will NOT be fatal. Downton Abbey will lose a lot of followers if indeed, he meets his demise. THREE characters in one season? Come on!!!

  2. You can find all 3 series, all episodes at as well. Free and no commercials


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