Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cara Theobold, Sophie McShera & Lily James Fairytale Fashion for GRAZIA

A behind the scenes look at Grazia's Downton Abbey Shoot featuring Cara Theobold, Sophie McShera and Lily James:

The fabulousness of Downton Abbey – the dresses, the dramas, the lavish dinners, the quick-witted one liners – has left us waiting (impatiently) for the Christmas Day special since the third series ended. And with the two hour episode set to finally air a week today (hurrah) we rounded up the Downton girls we are most excited about watching – that’s Cara Theobold (Ivy Stuart), Sophie McShera (Daisy Mason) and Lily James (Lady Rose MacCalre) - for an exclusive fairytale Christmas shoot.

And we think you’ll agree that they look absolutely stunning in the latest issue of Grazia. On the day of the shoot at a North London studio Cara and Sophie were the most excited about the rails and rails of beautiful designer gowns we had called in given that their characters only ever get to wear their servant outfits. ‘I only ever get to wear the one dress that my character, kitchen maid Ivy has and my scraped back bun that takes five minutes to do,’ she told us. ‘So today is really exciting because I get to have my hair done and have lots of make-up put on and wear pretty dresses.’

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