Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lady Sybil...What the bleep just happened???!!!

I could hardly believe it as a watched Downton Abbey season 3 episode 4. Not prepared at all for Lady Sybil's death. It was heart wrenching and I cried big ugly tears. I even swore off Downton! I didn't watch the rest of the episodes for a couple of months...ok maybe it was a couple of was all a blur (I watched in the Fall). I said I was done with the whole show.  So I knew what was coming for those watching it on PBS MASTERPIECE. It is a bitter pill to swallow that Sybil is gone:

We are all in mourning now. Give yourself some time to grieve. Here is a nice tribute video:

What are you going to do to cope?


  1. I cried, sad .... new it was coming too. No Sybil, what to do? How could they do that. She was great.

  2. I know! I felt the same way! I knew it was coming but still the emotion of the scene just overtook me and the fact that I loved the character was so sad she wasn't going to be apart of the show anymore. Terribly sad!

  3. It was the best most realistic death scene I had seen in a long time. The acting was superb and it just broke my heart I am still reeling.It just is hard to get out of my mind.

  4. saddest part was when her mom said good bye to

  5. I cry every time i watch this episode especially when she goes threw the trauma and when tom is holding the baby in the window


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