Thursday, February 28, 2013

*Spoilers* Downton Abbey Season 4 Set Photos in Bampton! Mr Bates, The Dowager, Isobel, Dr Clarkson!!!

Set Photos: Downton Abbey season 4 Films in Bampton

As we reported earlier today, Downton Abbey is filming in the village of Bampton and now we have the mother load of season 4 set photos! Hidden under the cut to avoid spoilers.

I see Mr Bates, Anna, Isobel, Dr Clarkson, The Dowager, Mosley. Who are the other people? Extras or new characters??

Joanne Froggatt
Mr Bates

The Dowager Countess of Grantham
The Dowager Countess

Mr Bates, Mosley
Mr Bates
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The Dowager

Dr Clarkson
Isobel & Dr Clarkson

Matthew's grave :(

Mr Bates got swagger!
What so funny Brendan?

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  1. omg...i heart u!!!!

  2. I just realized by looking at these photos that Mosley would have lost his job when Matthew died! What will happen to poor Mosley?? I love him so I hope he finds his way back to the house.

  3. Moseley could still be a valet for Tom Branson.

  4. He could be care taker of Mary and the Baby<3


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