Saturday, March 2, 2013

Did You Know Julian Ovenden, Downton Abbey's New Aristocrat, Charles Blake, is an Amazing Singer?

Who Is Julian Ovenden?

*This contains a spoiler if you have not seen all of season 3.

Julian Ovenden will make his Downton Abbey debut in season 4 playing the dashing aristocrat, Charles Blake. Not much is revealed about his character but he could be a possible suitor for Lady Mary.

Julian has an incredible voice! The videos below give a good introduction of him if he is new to you.

This video introduces Julian, showing some of his TV roles and discussing his new album, If You Stay:

In this video from 2012, Julian chats to This Morning's Phil and Holly and then performs a cover of, "You've Made Me So Very Happy":

Julian played Simon, who played JFK, in season 2 of SMASH:

You can buy his CD here:

Other TV roles of his include Ben Viviani on Midsomer Murders, Andrew Foyle on Foyle's War, Eric Burden on Cashmere Mafia to name a few.

Julian is married to the soprano Kate Royal and they have two children.

His Father is a Vicar to the Queen, how cool is that?!

Drooling! I remember him on Foyle's War but did not know he could sing like this!

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