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*Spoiler* What We Know About Downton Abbey Season 4 So Far - Part 2

Downton Abbey Season Four Spoilers - What we know so far

Edna, the maid who made a play for Tom Branson after Sybil died and was dismissed by Mrs Hughes is returning for season 4. She is played by actress MyAnna Buring.

We've learned of a new female downstairs character named "Baxter" played by Raquel Cassidy. Could she be the new ladies maid for Lady Cora replacing O'Brien? See a new photo of her and Nigel Harman who plays new valet Mr Green and some other downstairs cast here.

Set photos of Allen Leech (Tom Branson) and Daisy Lewis. Daisy school teacher Sarah Bunting. Will she be a possible love interest for Tom?

British actor James Fox has been added to the cast. See set photos of him here. He is playing Lord Aysgarth and actress Poppy Drayton is playing his daughter Madeleine.

Set photos of Paul Giamatti in costume as Harold Levinson.

Photos of  Tom Branson, little Sybil, Lady Mary & son George!

The Downton Abbey Christmas Special (Season finale in the US) director, Jon East, has been tweeting quite a bit about the show and how the Christmas special his coming along. He even tweeted to DAA saying the Christmas Special script is dazzling! Check out his tweets here. Check out our Christmas Special (US season finale) guide here.

There will be a beach scene! The Downton cast & crew were seen filming at West Wittering  Beach. Click here for more info & photos. More photos here.

See set photos of new character American Jazz singer Jack Ross and Lady Rose.

Brendan Coyle says expect to see a "darker and a more determinedMr Bates in season 4. He also says, all his hopes for Mr Bates have been "met or exceeded" in Downton Abbey season 4.

Paul Giamatti stars as Harold Levinson, Cora Crawley's (Elizabeth McGovern) maverick, playboy brother. He will appear in the season 4 finale, 'The Christmas Special' in the UK, along with Martha Levinson (Shirley MacLaine). Downton Abbey executive producer Gareth Neame talks about the choice to cast Giamatti here.

Click here for more set photos from 6/24/13.

We have seen some amazing  Downton Abbey season 4 set photos! Including the headstones of Matthew and Sybil. Click here for tons more S4 set photos.

Season 4 will begin 6 months after Matthew Crawley's funeral. We will see Mary, his young widow, struggling to come to terms with bringing up their baby son named, George, as friends and family rally to lift her spirits. The season will focus on Lady Mary’s struggle and her “difficult” relationship with her baby. 

Laura Carmichael, Lady Edith, reported that "everyone is feeling a little blue" in the beginning of season 4, no doubt still coming to terms with Matthews death. 

First still of Lady Mary holding her infant son. *sigh* Credit: Nick Briggs/Carnival Films

Some New Characters Will Be Arriving:

Handsome young Aristocrat, Lord Anthony Gillingham, will be played by Tom Cullen, 27. Tom was named most promising newcomer at the British Independent Film Awards in 2011. Lord Gillingham, a dashing aristocrat, is an old family friend who could help cheer up Lady Mary. He will make his debut at a party thrown by the Crawley family to help lift Lady Mary's spirit. He helps Lady Mary by giving her useful advice on handling the Downton estate and the issue of death duties.

Tom Cullen

Charles Blake, will be played by the talented Julian Ovenden. He appears with Evelyn Napier, he works for the government studying how large estates such as Downton Abbey are enduring the post-war era changes. Lady Mary takes an instant dislike to him. 

Julian Ovenden

Jack Ross: Actor Gary Carr will be playing Downton Abbey's first black character Jack Ross, a charming and charismatic young jazz singer. Julian Fellowes said Jack Ross has a "fairly major" storyline and is a very successful and positive character. 

Gary Carr

Evelyn Napier will be visiting Downton again! Played by Brendan Patricks, he appears with Charles Blake. Hmmm...could we be in for another Pamuk incident? J/K!

Brendan Patricks

New Zealand opera singer, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, has been cast as real life character, Australian soprano Dame Nellie MelbaShe will sing at the party thrown to cheer up Lady Mary. This is a guest role. 

Kiri Te Kanawa

Lady Shackleton: An old school friend of the Dowager Countess, played by Dame Harriet Walter. The character is said to be a “force to be reckoned with” who can “hold her own” against the Countess’s barbed wit.:

Dame Harriet Walter

Duchess of Yeovil: This will be a guest role played by actress Joanna David. 

Joanna David

Green: Lord Anthony Gillingham's "charismatic" valet, played by former EastEnders actor Nigel Harman:

Nigel Harman

Martha Levinson: Shirley MacLaine made her Downton debut as in season 3 as Cora's mother and she will be returning for the Season 4 finale.

Martha Levinson, Lady Cora's Mother

The Nanny: With Tom & Mary both being single parents Downton is in need of a nanny. Diane Botcher will play Nanny West. 

Sir John Bullock: He is a party loving character played by Andrew Alexander:

Other Character News:

Siobhan Finneran - Miss O'Brien

It has been confirmed that Siobhan Finneran, the scheming Miss O'Brien, will not be returning for season 4. Miss O'Brien will disappear mysteriously.

How do you feel about this? Are you going to miss her?

Brendan Coyle, Siobhan Finneran,

Amy Nuttall, who plays Ethel Parks, the housemaid turned prostitute turned back to housemaid also let it be known via her twitter, that she "is not in" Downton Abbey season 4 either.

There are season 4 set photos of Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) running around with her editor Michael Gregson (Charles Edwards). Lady Edith actually has a pretty huge storyline this season.

Set Photos,

What’s next for Anna & Bates?

(Photos from the set of season 4)

Now that Bates (Brendan Coyle) is free, Joanne Froggatt (Anna) teased at least a little bit of good news for the couple in a PBS live online chat she did with viewers. "You certainly see Anna and Bates in times of happiness, which I think was well needed," Although she added that, of course, there will also be drama. "I'm afraid I can't say much but I don't think you'll be disappointed. As an actress you always want to play the drama. I am thrilled with the whole thing, including Anna and Bates's story." Joanne continued, "I obviously can't say more than that but I think it may be the best yet and there are certainly aspects of Anna's character that have never been seen before ... I think these scripts are the best yet. [Julian Fellowes] has done such an incredible job. " Brace yourselves because there is MAJOR drama for these two in season 4.

What will season 4 bring to Tom Branson after the death of Lady Sybil? 

According to Allen Leech, some exciting things are in store for Tom toward the middle of the season. He takes over more responsibilities running the estate and has a good storyline in season 4. 

Lady Rose played by Lily James, is moving in with The Crawley's full time in season four. 

Season 4 set photo: Lady Rose (Lily James)

Will Rose keep on with her wild ways? Who will be her love interest? Rose definitely earns the name "wild child" in season 4. 

We don't know much about Thomas's story line for season 4 but we do know that Miss O'Brien has departed the show and that Thomas will be searching for a new partner in crime. On Thomas's love life, Rob James-Collier said don't be looking for him to get lucky in the love department as it was forbidden at the time. Also, Rob will be wearing a wig on the show for season 4 as he shaved his hair for a role where he plays a psychopathic drug dealer. Rob says it's the "king of wigs" and cost about £4000. 

Finally, according to Julian Fellowes, season 4 will not be a continuation of death like we saw in season 3. He said that we don't "want it turning into 'Midsomer Murders,' where they live in the same village and 450 people get murdered,"

Downton Abbey season 4 aired in the UK already and now they are just waiting for the Christmas Special. It airs January 5, 2014 in the US on PBS.

What would you like to see happen in season 4? Thoughts? 


  1. I thought perhaps Mary would soften her view of Tom and they would comfort each other in their shared grief.

  2. They need a nanny?
    paging Julie Andrews ("Mary Poppins,"
    AND Maria from "Sound of Music")-

    Dream casting..

  3. Good news are good. But I still am waiting for some Thomas & Jimmy. Green looks promising though! Some jealousy in the air, maybe?

    1. And what about our Thomas, then?! Not a hint about him and his future? I hope he and Jimmy can create a solid, platonic friendship...Thomas is in need of a good friend.

    2. Thomas needs true love...

  4. Green. I wonder whose valet he is?

  5. I'm already shipping Thomas and this Mr. Green. I'd take Thomas and Jimmy if I had to, but I don't think Jimmy's very nice and Thomas hankering after him comes off a little too desperate (which he is of course its been awhile). I hope Green's kind and charming and sweeps Thomas off his feet. I want to see Thomas wooed for once!

    1. I agree that it would be nice to see Thomas wooed for a change--that almost happened with Edward Courtenay. I think Jimmy redeemed himself in the Christmas special when he agreed to be friends with Thomas...I didn't like him much before that. I do believe that he is a ladies' man and not a closeted gay man. I think he and Thomas could develop a good platonic friendship, even if Thomas gets into a romantic relationship with some other chap.

  6. What? Matthew Crawley's tombstone says "beloved husband and father." What about including him as a beloved son? Poor Isobel. Sybil's grave says "beloved daughter, wife and mother." Yes, I know it is only television.

  7. my one request is that it's time for Lady Edith to get some recognition. She needs a good's time for her. also def want to see some more Branson preferably without a shirt..whoa!! didn't know that body was under all those clothes!! lol


    1. I like the publisher--hope they find a way to get he and his "crazy wife" separated so he and Edith can be happy together...

  8. I would like to see Mary, in her new romance, say that what she and Matthew had was beautiful and rare but that his death needn't keep her from living a full and happy life and,that indeed, Matthew would want her to be happy and live life to the fullest.

  9. I sure hope that Tom Cullen and Julian Ovenden get rid of that awful facial hair and the surly looks.

  10. I'm guessing that O'Brien arranged her new position while in Scottland - sorry to see her go. She was awesome!

  11. What about a "runaway Lady" as nanny & love interest for Branson?

  12. Thanks for all the comments guys! Interaction is great!

  13. I'm not surprised they will be focusing on Mary ... again. That new love interest for Mary is too soon, this time if they do make her marry again they should keep some interesting storylines for after the wedding as well. As for Edith, I hope she finally gets her happiness and set up home of her own, she has deserved it a dozen times over. She can still be modern working and all that one doesn't exclude the other (with good writing) Maybe the good news will be a baby for Anna and Bates. They have had to wait long enough as well.

  14. I was hoping Lady Mary and Tom Branson would somehow end up together...But no matter what happens, i'm ADDICTED to this show. I've been a HUGE FAN of Brittish shows such as "AB FAB, Are you being served, Keeping up Appearences, etc...since the early 80's so I knew I would love this show, all the Romance and trials of that time in England, it's just so wonderful! I cant wait for season 4, i've just ordered seasons 1,2,&3 off of ebay, looks like i'll be glued for a few days to my tv when they arrive, lol!!! P. s. I think the actor playing Branson is so DREAMY:)Scher Brunton

  15. I'll have to watch Season 4 of course, but not with the same enthusiasm. I detest authors who disrespect the rights of their characters and fans. In the "Special Features" on the Season 3 DVD, Julian Fellowes said, "Yes, I've had complaints, but that's how the cookie crumbles." His power trip of killing off vital characters for shock value has damaged the series. I notice that he has in essence, apologized. Julian fails to understand that these are real people for true fans, not toys. Yes, I know it's TV.....but I am angry.

    1. I was under the impression the characters requested not to come back, so his hand was forced in writing them out??

    2. Yes the actors quit and didn't want to return at all and Fellows felt it wouldn't be believable for them to just leave never to be seen again especially because of the babies. So he didn't have much choice other than to kill them off...


  17. When is Season 4 coming to Australia?

  18. It looks like the Sir John Bullock character might be played by an actor named Andrew Alexander. There was some Twitter action among him and several cast members whom he had not previously followed. He looks like he could play a drunken cad.

    As for the Nanny canoodling thing, I think it might have been a joking comment that got taken out of context and overplayed. He and Michelle were talking about spending time together as parents, and Allen Leech said "maybe some canoodling in the nursery." I suspect it was a joke referencing Tom and Mary (who will apparently NOT be canoodling), not the Nanny.

    Of course you never know. The Nanny has not surfaced yet, and if she is young and pretty some canoodling might well be in the cards. So far they have kept her and the musician under wraps. However, we know the musician is young and good-looking but we know nothing about the Nanny at all. She could be a young beauty or a Mrs. Patmore type.

  19. Lord Anthony could comfort me anytime!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. So sad to see Dan Stevens go! Wouldn't it be grand fun if he returned later (season five?) as a war veteran down on his luck and looking for a job at the abbey? By that time lady Mary would be with someone else..everyone would be in a tizzy as to his remarkable resemblence etc. etc. Call me a hopeless romantic.


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