Sunday, April 21, 2013

*Spoiler* Will Thomas Have a New Partner In Crime For Downton Abbey Season 4?

Downton Abbey's Thomas and O'Brien Win TV Guide's 2013 Fan Favorite Award for Favorite Feud.

TV Guide has come out with their 2013 Fan Favorites list and Thomas and O'Brien won for Favorite Feud!

Thomas and O'Brien were no doubt two characters on Downton Abbey everyone loved to hate. They started out as besties in Downton Abbey seasons one and two but ended up nemeses in season three.

With Siobahn Finneran not returning for Downton Abbey season 4 that leaves us wondering who will be Thomas's new partner in crime?

Rob James-Collier had this to say to TV Guide about season 4:

"Fans won't be disappointed next season. I'm pretty sure Thomas will find someone else to fall in line with him and start sniping."

Scan via Angel Princess Anna Tumblr

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Hmmm...who could this person be? A new character or one of the old?

I can't wait to see what scheming Thomas does in Downton Abbey season 4 and with who!

I love this super fun video:

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  1. Would love it if it was Jimmy! They had great chemistry.


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