Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Secrets of Three Iconic British Homes Revealed on PBS Starting This Sunday

US Fans of Downton Abbey have quite the wait until season 4 begins in January on PBS MASTERPIECE so here is something to help pass the time.

If you loved the PBS special, The Secrets of Highclere Castle, be sure and check out these three new "Secrets of" starting this Sunday on PBS:

Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace - Sunday, June 30th
Secrets of Althorp – The Spencers – Sunday, July 7th
Secrets of Chatsworth – Sunday, July 14th

“What these magnificent estates have in common is not only a rich and immensely entertaining history, but a modern-day context as well,” said Robert Strange, executive producer at Pioneer Productions. “In their own ways, each house presents viewers with a living drama that stretches back for centuries yet still plays itself out today.” 

“We are delighted to bring these specials to PBS,” added Beth Hoppe, Chief Programming Executive and General Manager of General Audience Programming for PBS. “British dramas are a centerpiece of PBS’ Sunday night lineup and this fascinating series adds a real-life dimension to those stories. These exquisite homes take on a dramatic new life once you understand the rich  — and sometimes twisted  — stories of Britain’s actual characters who lived in them. ” 

While each featured estate’s remarkable beauty is noteworthy, it’s the hidden stories within the homes that set them apart. 

Hampton Court - Courtesy of Pioneer Productions

SECRETS OF HENRY VIII’S PALACE revisits the often dark and twisted tales of the ever-fascinating King Henry VIII and his six wives, secrets that permeate Hampton Court’s grand fa├žade and its lavish interior.

Althorp - Courtesy of Pioneer Productions

SECRETS OF ALTHORP – THE SPENCERS takes viewers to the home of 19 generations of the Spencer dynasty. Althorp is best known as the childhood home and final resting place of Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. This special looks at the mansion’s interior and history, providing a fresh perspective on the life of the beloved princess.  Apart from Diana, many other noteworthy Spencers have presided over the grand estate for more than 500 years, producing politicians, military heroes, dukes and duchesses.

Chatsworth - Courtesy of Pioneer Productions

SECRETS OF CHATSWORTH explores the estate’s extensive grounds and tells, among other accounts, the tragic tale of Billy Cavendish, heir to Chatsworth’s 10th Duke of Devonshire, and Kathleen Kennedy. Kathleen, the sister of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, married the British aristocrat, only to lose her husband after only four months of marriage. Billy was killed in action in World War II. Four years later, Kathleen died in a plane crash and was buried at Chatsworth.

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