Friday, July 5, 2013

Elizabeth McGovern on Downton Abbey, Singing with Michelle Dockery, Fans Reaction to Sadie and the Hotheads and More

Michelle Dockery, Cornbury Festival, Cora Crawley,

Downton Abbey's, Elizabeth McGovern, sits down with The Oxford Times for an interview on the heels of her band, Sadie and the Hotheads, Cornbury Festival performance this weekend.

They discuss Downton Abbey, Elizabeth's music, if she misses living in America and more. 

Here is an excerpt where Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) gets a mention for singing with Elizabeth in her trailer on the Downton Abbey set and doing backup vocals on the Sadie and the Hotheads album, How Not to Lose Things.

Fans of the ITV1 series will be delighted to hear her on-screen daughter Lady Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery) on one track of the album. She has also been known to join her on stage. Elizabeth said the pair had found a “special connection” through their love of music.
“There were the days when we would always run back to my trailer to hike up our skirts and play songs,” she laughs. “We don't do so much of that now — it’s difficult because in the last season we weren't thrown together in scenes as much as we were, so we sort of got out of the habit of it.”
And how have the fans reacted to Sadie? “I think that remains to be seen,” she smiles.
“The hope is that they'll get a kick out of it because I think that a lot of what my music is about is being a parent and being a mother, which of course is very much what the part of Cora is about. I don't think that’s different, really, whether you're in 1918 or 2013. So I hope people who like Downton Abbey and my character can embrace the music as well.”

Read the full interview here.

Are you going to the Cornbury Festival? It would be so cool to hear Sadie and the Hotheads live!

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