Monday, January 20, 2014

Downton Abbey Season 5 News

It might seem early to be talking about Downton Abbey series/season 5 but really it's not, with filming scheduled to begin in February, here is what we know so far.

Julian Fellowes told the Daily Mail series/season 5 is going to be set in 1924 - 1925, saying, "We're chugging pretty slowly through the Twenties, because I don't want them to have to do wobbly stick acting with talcum powder in their hair by pushing on into the Thirties. Also, I feel the Thirties has been much dramatized, with the looming threat of Nazi Germany and so on. I think the Twenties is a much less filmed period - yet I think it's a very interesting one because it had a foot in both camps: one in the past, one in the future."

According to the Downton Abbey creator, season 5 will be a time of great change, "Something had altered in the mind-set. People didn't want to be servants any more, and people didn't want to change their clothes five times a day. They wanted to drive around and didn't want to live in a house the size of a hotel. It was a time of great change and we’ll see a lot of that in series five."

When will S5 air? The past 4 series/seasons have aired in September in the UK on ITV and in January in the US on PBS. Will PBS move Downton Abbey's air date closer to the UK date? That is highly unlikely according to PBS President Paula Kerger, who at the 2014 TCA's, said it “It would be very hard for me to imagine putting it anywhere else than where it has seemed to have found a very strong audience,” in regards to moving up the air date.

Stay tuned Lords and Ladies! DAA will bring you all the latest series/season 5 updates!

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